We like bold, full-bodied beers. 


We offer three unfiltered, unpasteurised St. Norbert beers on tap year-round: an amber lager, a dark lager and an IPA. We also brew seasonal beers that reflect the flavours and atmosphere of each time of year. Think refreshing American Pale Ale and rich, savoury Chocolate Stout.

We brew with the finest Czech malts, fresh yeast, and the best hops. From cold-hopping to wood ageing, we enjoy combining traditional and modern techniques. We are proud to hold onto our heritage, but we aren’t afraid to experiment! 

We do not filter or pasteurise St. Norbert beer. Currently we brew about 1,800 hectolitres each year,  and 95% of this is enjoyed at our restaurant. But we also sell bottles, so you can repeat your brewery experience at home.


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Sv. Norbert Amber Lager


Our flagship amber lager has a medium malt body with a medium bitterness, and a distinct maltiness. This delicious beer represents 70% of our production.


Alc. 5.3% / 35 IBUs / Hops: Saaz Special

42,- CZK (0,25 l) / 68,- CZK (0.4 l)

Sv. Norbert Dark Lager

Well hopped, dry in flavour, all malt. Our most award winning beer. 


Alc. 5.5% / 40 IBUs / Hops: Saaz

42,- CZK (0,25 l) / 68,- CZK (0.4 l)

Sv. Norbert Anniversary Lager 


This beer was brewed in cooperation with the The Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov as part of the celebrations of the 900th anniversary of the founding of The Premonstratensian order. It is a classic light lager. The aroma is delicate, herbal and hop-like.


Alc. 4.6% / 25 IBUs / Hops: Strisselspalt, Saaz Special

42,- CZK (0,25 l) / 68,- CZK (0.4 l)

Sv. Norbert Session Hazy IPA

A lighter version of our Hazy IPA. Brewed with Cryo hops to deliver an intense aroma without extra bitterness.


Alc. 4% / 30 IBUs / Hops: Cryo-POP, Cryo-Citra, Cryo-Idaho 7

50,- CZK (0,25 l) / 80,- CZK (0.4 l)

Sv. Norbert Weizen

Fresh and light. Top fermentation yeasts produce naturally wide palette of aromas and tastes. 


Alc. 5% / 17 IBUs / Hops: Saaz hops

42,- CZK (0,25 l) / 68,- CZK (0.4 l)