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Pay for beer with Bitcoin via the Lightning Network!

Pay for beer at lightning speed! Thanks to our collaboration with PayOffchain, we now accept Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network.

It's really easy! All you need is a wallet on your phone that supports Lightning Network payments. Inform the staff that you want to pay with Bitcoin, and they will enter the amount from your bill into their device, generating a unique QR code for you to scan with your wallet. The amount will be displayed in both BTC and your local/preferred currency. If you agree with the amount, confirm the payment on your device. Through the Lightning Network, the payment is settled instantly, within a few seconds.

Check out a short video on our Facebook or Instagram to see how simple the whole transaction is. Bitcoin payments, thanks to PayOffchain, provide a user-friendly experience for both Bitcoin enthusiasts and newcomers. Don't hesitate to give it a try!

If you're unfamiliar with the Lightning Network and want to learn more, we recommend reading this article.

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