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A new line of products w/ Sv Norbert beer

Dear Friends of Beer,

We’re pleased to present some delicious new beer-flavoured delicacies which are now available from our e-shop and the brewery restaurant.

Mustard Standard is a thick yellow mustard with strong character, and close to a Dijon mustard in taste. The mustard seeds have been marinated in Sv. Norbert IPA overnight and further flavoured with apple vinegar, honey and spices.

The next new condiment is our spicy full-grain Mustard Bastard. The mustard seeds for Bastard have also been marinated overnight, but in Sv. Norbert Dark Witbier which infuses it's unique flavour. An excellent choice for all fans of stronger mustards.

Last but not least is "Chill & Burn", lightly smoked chili sauce made with our Hazy IPA. The prime ingredients are tomatoes, Habanero, Scorpion Moruga and Jalapeño chili peppers, onion and garlic.

We sincerely hope our new condiments will be to your taste. Before buying, you can try any of our sauces with any food on our menu at the Strahov Brewery restaurant. Bon appétit!


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