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À la carte dishes served in the brewery and restaurant.


Assorted cheese platter from the Bláto farm,

homemade mustard with fruit, walnuts

CZK 190.00


A choice of spreads:

piquant chicken, smoked fish, cream cheese with dried tomatoes, blue cheese with roasted garlic, bread

CZK 190.00

Steak Tartare,

vegetable relish, toasted bread

CZK 345.00

Roast sausages in a dark lager sauce

CZK 160.00

Made with our beer

Grilled aubergine rolls with goat cheese,

roasted vegetable salsa

CZK 160.00



Fine beer-onion soup,

cheese toast

CZK 120.00

Made with our beer

Goulash soup

CZK 120.00

Main course

Beefsteak in pepper cream sauce with cognac,

French fries

CZK 510.00

Brewery goulash

with onion and dumplings

CZK 255.00

Made with our beer

Sirloin of beef in cream sauce

with dumplings and cranberries

CZK 310.00

Pork tenderloin in wine sauce with shallots and sour cherries,

creamy potatoes with smoked leek

CZK 280.00

Pork hock confit

served with mustard, apple horseradish and bread

CZK 420.00

Pork ribs in beer marinade

served with plum and garlic sauce, coleslaw

CZK 390.00

Made with our beer

Fried pork tenderloin schnitzels,

potato salad

CZK 260.00

Chicken steak,

baked grenaille with onion, leaf salad and roasted vegetable salsa

CZK 265.00

Chicken schnitzel,

potato puree, cucumber salad

CZK 220.00

Alsatian char,

vegetable puree, fennel salad with basil, tomato beurre blanc

CZK 350.00


Grilled camembert style cheese

with leaf salad, pear chutney and baguette

CZK 230.00


Potato gnocchi with mushrooms,

Grana Padano cheese

CZK 230.00



Greek salad

with tomato, cucumber, pepper, olive, feta and herb dressing

CZK 180.00


Smoked whole trout from our smokehouse

with lettuce, cherry tomato and pickled carrots

CZK 270.00


Caesar salad

with chicken breast, bacon, parmesan and croutons

CZK 230.00


Apple strudel

with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

CZK 95.00


with berry sauce and fresh fruits

CZK 120.00

Beer or classic ice-cream

according to a daily offer - made by Angelato from our beer

CZK 50.00

Made with our beer

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