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Sip away the seasonal blues

Like every year, we have once again prepared 'Antidepressants' for you – beers crafted with fresh hops. Why do we call them that and what are their effects? You will find out all of this below.

The onset of autumn in the Czech Republic is not only a time for falling leaves and cooling temperatures but also a time for the harvest of "green gold", which is fresh hops. The importance of this tradition is evident in the recent inclusion of the Žatec region in the UNESCO World Heritage List. So, what makes hops so exceptional?

In brewing, hops are used as a preservative while also imparting a specific bitter taste and aroma to beer. Equally important is their impact on the nervous system. Thanks to their relaxing and even sedative effects, hops are also used in healthcare: substances found in hops appear in sleep medications, and they also alleviate spasms, reduce pain and fevers, while the bitters in hops aid digestion.

Have you ever heard someone say that a hoppy beer made them feel "relaxed" or "calm"? That's because with highly hopped beers, you can feel the effects of hops long before you feel the effects of alcohol. That's exactly what we aim to achieve with our autumn edition of beers made from freshly harvested hops. This year, we've brewed two types of Antidepressants - Dark Lager and Black IPA. In order to maximize the beneficial effects of the fresh hops, we added them during both the boiling and dry hopping stages.

Our Antidepressant Black IPA is a dark variation of American IPA and is characterized by its high bitterness and a dry aftertaste. We've added an experimental blend of freshly harvested hops and Phantasm - a mix of Cryo hops and extract obtained from Sauvignon Blanc grape skins grown in New Zealand.

If you find yourself succumbing to seasonal blues, feeling anxious, irritable, or simply craving a delicious beer, come on over and explore the uplifting effects of our Antidepressant firsthand. Antidepressant Dark Lager will be on tap starting on September 28th, and Antidepressant Black IPA will follow shortly after.



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